Your best American cities

for us to visit some really great and exciting cities across the United
States. Time for us to kick off our shoes, sit back with a tall glass of
something cool to drink, and put on our caps and hats.
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Week of August 21 2010

Your best American cities

1. Portland Oregon
If you are seeking a city that offers some of the finest dining in America,
then you need to visit Portland Oregon.
A city that produces some of the finest beer in the world, and one with top
notch shopping.
From souvenirs to fine fashion, Portland has it all.
Classy museums of art and history, lots of fun for the kids, and great golf
It is very difficult to find a city that offers classy shopping, some of the
best dining in America, and the world's best beer, all at the same time!

2. Akron Ohio
Akron is a city with lots of heart.
A city that offers lucrative opportunities in manufacturing and research.
Akron has excellent educational facilities, great health care, and public
There are many museums for you to explore.
Great trails for hiking, parks and golf courses.
Shopping for anyone and everyone.

3. Brownsville Texas
If you are seeking a city with that special southern smalltown charm, then
you need to take a long hard look at Brownsville Texas.
A city that offers tons of outdoor activities that range from hiking and
biking to hunting and fishing, dolphin watching and lots of other types of
water activities.
If your preferences are the indoors, then there are several malls for you to
discover and explore. Museums and so on.
There are also lots of green parks for you to linger in, tennis all year
round, and a beautiful climate.
So if your desire is to get away from the cold harsh winter, then why not

4. Eugene Oregon
Here is a city that is as fresh and green as you would ever want it to be.
Surrounded by lush forests and tons of wild life, Eugene offers you great
outdoor attractions that include:
Hiking, biking, rafting, and kayaking.
If you prefer arts and museums, then there are several museums for you to
explore and if your taste strays to the fine wines then guess what?
Eugene produces some of the finest wines in America.
Come and check out Eugene's excellent educational facilities that include
the provision of healthy meals for your kids.

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