Seniors missing out

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Today, I am delighted to introduce an editorial by our president Donna J. Jodhan and in her editorial, Donna talks about society paying more attention to our seniors.
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Seniors missing out
We are moving and grooving in a whirlwind of technology changes and like it or not, we do not have much of a choice.  For the most part, this is great news for those of us who are able to swim with the current but for those who did not grow up with technology, mainly the majority of seniors, it is a big drawback.  Here’s how I see the picture.
More and more, we are using our cell phones to communicate; through calling each other and by texting each other.  We are using social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to communicate with each other on an almost instant basis and we are using emails to communicate.  All of this means that the days of letter writing and picking up the phone to call are fast becoming a thing of the past.  Seniors grew up in the days of letter writing and making phone calls and now that these two modes of communication are becoming outdated, what should our seniors be doing?  They grew up using telegrams and cables to send special greetings to each other and this mode of communication is now a thing of the past. 
Gone are the days when it was an every day part of life to call each other using a land line.  Gone are the days when you could look forward to hearing a friendly voice whenever you called a number or whenever your phone rang.  Now, the world has been taken over by automated phone messages and phone calls.  Friendly Human voices have been replaced by computers that interact with the Internet in order to communicate back and forth.  So, where does this leave those seniors who find it difficult to use modern technology?  Seniors who still prefer to receive friendly phone calls?  Seniors who are much more comfortable writing letters and mailing them?  Seniors who much prefer to talk to a Human voice rather than dealing with automated phone systems?
Some may say that seniors need to get with it; that they need to become more technically savvy.  Easier said than done.  Change at the best of time is not very easy to deal with and when you add the rapidity of these changes; it may be a bit too much for seniors to deal with all at once.  Those of us who either grew up with technology in our laps or have managed to jump onto the rafts of change, need to keep this in mind when dealing with seniors.  In addition, companies need to be a bit more conscious of this picture and they need to tailor their products and services to suit.  We have to help our seniors to remain a part of our daily lives; that is, we have to find ways to keep them in the loop of evolving communications.  We cannot forget them because after all!  They are the ones who helped us to get where we are today.
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