Your best American cities

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Week of  July 24 2010
Your best American cities
1. Oceanside California
If you are looking for a fresh new location that would take you away from those harsh winters then why not think of beautiful Oceanside California?
A city that is centrally located between San Diego and Los Angeles.
With soft sandy beaches, lots of opportunity to surf and ocean relax, and the chance to live in a large and spacious homes, Oceanside is the perfect place for you to consider.
Come visit and check out this southern California city that is often referred to as the jewel of southern California.
2. Pittsburg Pennsylvania
Here is a city with lots of attractions, features, and great homes for you to come and see.
Riverfront homes with fantastic views of the water.
Private log cabins, new and modern condos, sprawling estates, and great vacation homes.
Pittsburgh is rich in entertainment, fine dining, and excellent educational facilities.
All in all, a great city to visit and stay a while.
3. Rancho Cucamonga California
If you are seeking a city that offers a pleasant climate all year round, fantastic shopping, and a safety record that is second to none, then you have it all in the city of Rancho Cucamonga.
This city is blessed with top notch transportation; an airport that is within a stone’s throw of down town Rancho Cucamonga, great entertainment, and excellent recreational facilities.
Come and enjoy skiing, mountain climbing, ocean sports, and desert activities; all at the same time.
4. Richmond Virginia
Looking for a city that offers you a chance to kick off your shoes, relax, and stay a while?
A city with a magnitude of home styles to choose from?
You can either choose to retire permanently in one of those handsome retirement homes or live in a modern condo.
You can make Richmond your home away from home or simply go there for a fine vacation.
Come and enjoy Richmond’s rich entertainment, fine dining, and friendly neighborhoods.

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