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It’s time for our editorial of the week; by our president Donna J. Jodhan and today Donna focuses on those commercials that do not audioally announce the numbers on the screen.
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Call the number on your screen
This is one of my pet peeves.  Every time an infomercial ends with the words “Call the number on your screen,” it gets me very annoyed and disappointed to see that for the most part producers of these infomercials have sadly failed to take the needs of the sight impaired into consideration.  Maybe it could be just pure naviety on their part or maybe and just maybe, it could be that they honestly do not believe that sight impaired persons would be listening to these infomercials.
Whatever the reasons, the blind and sight impaired community needs to start speaking out on this subject.  We as a community need to work with producers to make infomercials more informative to those who are not just sight impaired, but to those who are print disabled.  There are many consumers out there who are unable to read the info on their TV screens due to such reasons as:  A learning disability, problems understanding texts in English because English is not their first language, and an inability to read quickly.
There are many infomercials out there that do announce the numbers on their screen but there are also too many out there that do not.  This is a call for infomercial producers to start producing infomercials that give out audio announcements of numbers and addresses on TV screens.  You would be surprised to learn how many more consumers you will be able to reach if you make this minor change. 
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