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Week of July 17 2010
Your best American cities
1. Kansas City Missouri
If you are really in love with Europe but are unable to afford to either live or visit, then look no further than the picturesque city of Kansas City.
With its hundreds of fountains, similar to the city of Rome, and its many wide boulevards that closely resemble Gai Paris, Kansas City exudes natural beauty.
This city has some of the cleanest flowing water to be found in America.
It offers excellent health care facilities and educational institutions and its home styles range from the old and historic to the new and modern. 
Neighborhoods vary from the urban to the suburban and its cost of living is way below the national average.
2. Madison Wisconsin
If you are looking for the perfect college town in which to live, study, and work, then you have it all in Madison.
A beautiful city surrounded by peaceful lakes.
This city ranks tops in universities, and university sports.
Madison has top notch health care, education, and great employment opportunities in the health care and high tech industries.
You can enjoy rowing, swimming, and fishing in the summer and play ice hockey, go ice skating and cross country skiing in the winter.
3. Modesto California
Are you seeking a change in pace?
In a city that is far away from the clutter and confusion of a larger city?
One that will enable you to communicate more closely with nature?
In a city that offers you healthy living in a valley that is close to a river?
A city where the sun never stops shining, and where you can go rafting, biking, and hiking?
Then that city is Modesto California.
Modesto is primarily an agricultural city with healthy living and a quiet life style.
Home styles range from the modern condo to the sprawling farm, and from the comfortable suburban home to urban living.
4. Norfolk Virginia
If you are seeking a city with a bit of everything then you have it all in the beautiful city of Norfolk Virginia.
A city with lots to do; great entertainment and fine dining.
Excellent educational facilities and a wealth of real estate at your disposal.
Norfolk has something for everyone that range from magnificent riverfront homes to luxurious estates.  Modern condos to rustic log cabins and handsome retirement homes to vacation getaways.

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