Your best American cities

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Week of June 05 2010
Your best American cities
1. Norfolk Virginia
If you are seeking a city that offers you lots of closeness to the ocean then Norfolk is for you.
A city steeped in history, culture, and naval prowess.
Norfolk has lots to offer everyone.
From top class shopping to boating, swimming, fishing, and golfing.
You can spend time admiring the historic battle ships or simply hanging out at the zoo.
Norfolk has it all; a bit of everything for you and your kids.
2. Colorado Springs Colorado
If you are seeking a safe city to raise your kids in the fresh outdoors, then look no further than Colorado Springs.
If you are seeking a city to spend your golden years or one where you can get a fresh start in life, then Colorado Springs is it.
A city that is known for so many things; hot springs, wonderful skiing, hiking, and mountain climbing.
Colorado Springs is nestled in the mountains of Colorado and offers neighborhoods with a magnitude of home styles that range from the Victorian and historic to the modern and fashionable.
The cost of living is below the national average and there are oodles of opportunities in high tech and health care.
3. Moreno Valley California
If you are seeking a city where stress is less, clutter and confusion are not an occasion, and living is healthy and green, then you can find it all in the beautiful city of Moreno Valley California.
A city that is dominated by majestic mountain ranges, Moreno Valley is rich in culture.
Moreno Valley is dominated by the European influence and offers excellent shopping for the person seeking any and everything.
 A city that is rich in community spirit and neighborhoods that offer a magnitude of home styles that range from suburban homes to modern condos and townhouses.
4. Kansas city Missouri
If you are looking for a touch of Europe right here in good old America, then you need to visit the beautiful city of Kansas City Missouri.
With thousands of fountains adorning its squares and parks; just like the city of Rome, and its many wide boulevards that are so similar to the city of Paris, Kansas City is indeed an emulation of a touch of Europe.
Neighborhoods are located atop of bluffs that overlook the river.
Kansas City has lots of history and many Fortune 500 companies make Kansas City their home base.
There are excellent educational facilities and Kansas City’s cost of living is below the national average.
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