Making kids the messengers

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Today, I am pleased to introduce an editorial by our president Donna J. Jodhan and today Donna talks about making kids the messengers.
Here now is Donna’s editorial.
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Making kids the messengers
I have given lots of thought to this concept and here’s what I’ve come up with.  In my experience, I believe that the most effective messages are carried by messengers who are kids.  As they often say, “Straight out of the mouths of babes.”  When it comes to honesty and innocence, kids are it.  When it comes to not holding back, kids are it and when it comes to some of the quickest learners around, our kids are certainly it.
If we can mould our kids into the most effective messengers then think what we can do.  For starters, we will be helping to create youngsters with healthy attitudes, and healthy minds.  Youngsters who have no axes to grind.  Youngsters with hearts filled with love and compassion.  Youngsters with a mission to break down barriers and build bridges.
Why not let us start from the bottom up?  Start with those who are going to influence and shape the future of our planet?  Start with those who will be charged with the responsibility of tackling and solving some of our more serious problems; those that we as adults are unable to solve?
We need to give our kids the best possible start in life.  To help them grow and mature as wonderful human beings with a wonderful attitude.  To show them that such things as discrimination, intolerance, and inhumanity have no place in our society.  So how about it?
I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and weekend.
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