Your best American cities

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Week of May 29
Your best American cities
1. Green Bay Wisconsin
If you are seeking a simple city with a simple life, then Green Bay is definitely for you.
Known for its famous Green Bay Packers team, this city offers great life in the outdoors, exciting night life, and classy shopping.
Green Bay is a very friendly city and its people are always ready to welcome you to their city.
No worries about having to wait for buses or cabs if you don’t own a car.
You can be sure that you’ll always be able to get where you’re going.
2. Amarillo Texas
Have you always wanted to find and relocate to a truly cowboy country city?
One with lots of sprawling ranches, lots of parkland for you to hike and bike, and a city with truly natural beauty?
Then welcome to Amarillo Texas.
A city whose beauty has been enhanced by being surrounded by miles and miles of fields of yellow flowers.
Amarillo means yellow in Spanish and hence the name.
Amarillo is cattle ranching country but not to worry:  This city is nicely located between Dallas and Oklahoma City, two large metropolitan areas so you will never be wanting for excitement.
3. Anaheim Calafornia
If you are seeking a city that never sleeps, and one that is constantly buzzing with action, then look no further than Anaheim California.
A city that is one of America’s most popular tourist attractions and destinations.
Known mainly for being home to Walt Disney’s amusement theme park.
Close in proximity to Los Angeles, this city affords you the opportunity to live, work, and have fun in comfort!
It’s one of the safest cities in America in which to live.
4. Little Rock Arkansas
If you are looking for a city where your kids would have an excellent chance of pursuing careers in the field of medicine of in some other health care field, then Little Rock is the place for you.
Each year, thousands of students graduate from Little Rock’s university as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to name a few.
Little Rock also has great job opportunities in the fields of insurance, banking, high tech, and manufacturing.
This city is also a very picturesque one; nestled between the river and mountains of Arkansas and if you enjoy the great outdoors, then get ready for hiking, rafting, and biking to name just a few activities.
Most important, the cost of living in Little Rock is significantly below the national average.

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