Your best American cities

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Week of May 22 2010
Your best American cities
1. Baltimore Maryland
Looking for a city with tradition, history, and great architecture?
One where the cost of living is extremely affordable and housing meets the budget of one’s pocket?
A city that has a magnitude of home styles to offer; ranging from victorian homes to modern condos and apartments?
Neighborhoods with tree lined streets and a down town area that is a blend of commercial and residential complexes?
Then Baltimore is for you.
2. Bellevue Washington
This is a city that has several acolades attached to its name.
One of the wealthiest in the State of Washington, one of the safest cities in America in which to live, and one of the best cities to launch a business. 
Bellevue is a fast growing city with great schools for the kids and wondrous outdoor recreation for kids and adults alike.
Bellevue presents a fantastic picture of landscapes, forests, beaches, and golf courses.
Oodles of trails to hike and bike on, and you can also spend time bird watching to your heart’s content.
If you are serious about making a defining change in your life, then consider beautiful Bellevue.
3. Seattle Washington
If you are seeking a city with a difference, then Seattle is it.
A city that offers great site seeing, upscale shopping, and lots of fine dining.
If you visit Seattle, then you must also visit the famous Space Needle.
This fabulous landmark has a revolving restaurant, an observation deck, and a great shopping center.
You will be able to dine and at the same time have a bird’s eye view of the city’s magnificent skyline.
4. Newark New Jersey
Welcome to the thriving and robust city of Newark.
A city that offers great urban life without the clutter and confusion of a large city.
Newark offers you the chance to live in a city with wonderful job opportunities and if you prefer you can live there and work in close by New York city.
Newark is the city for higher learning; with great colleges and universities.
There are lots of museums and galleries for you to meander through and if this is not your interest then it’s time for you to learn more about Newark’s other attractions.

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