Your best American cities

Hello there!  I’m Donna J. Jodhan and today is get away day!  I hope that you are ready for a really nice journey. 
I have chosen some very pleasant destinations for us to visit this week and I hope you find them delightful.  So, buckle up!  Sit back!  Let’s take off!

Week of March 06 2010
Your Best American cities
1. Kansas City Kansas
If you are bound and determined to live in a city with lots of greenery then you need look no further than Kansas City Kansas.
A city that offers prairie life in a metropolitan city.
A city that is safe, has reasonable housing, and a city steeped in culture and history.
A city with just the right touch and one with distinct neighborhoods.
2. Springfield Missouri
Springfield is a city that continues to receive very high marks for its safety, quality of life, its healthiness, and its ability to provide some of the best starts for young professionals in America.
Springfield is accented by cool streams, lots of greenery, and majestic mountain ranges.
It offers terrific job opportunities in the manufacturing, health care, and education sectors plus more.
There are lots of museums to visit, historical sites to tour, and theaters and music halls to frequent.
There are oodles of parks to stroll through, and lots of sports, restaurants, and friendly neighborhoods to enjoy.
3. Richmond Virginia
Are you seeking a city with job opportunities?
A city that offers great educational facilities, an above average health care system,terrific neighborhoods, and top notch shopping?
Richmond has all of this plus lots more.
A city that is steeped in history, culture, lots of museums to visit, and above all, a cost of living that is significantly below the National average.
There are Victorian mansions, Spanish houses, and Queen Anne home styles to choose from.
Cheap apartments to rent, and affordable town houses and condos to buy.
Neighborhoods with beautiful row houses, and upscale riverfront neighborhoods with lots of classy shopping malls.
Richmond is a city for all.
4. Hampton Virginia
If you are seeking a city with fresh sea air, a beautiful downtown waterfront neighborhood, and one with better weather than you would get in colder parts, then Hampton is it.
Hampton is steeped in history, and has lots of great shopping, fine dining, and a lot of art galleries and museums for you to visit.
You would absolutely fall in love with Hampton’s downtown waterfront area because it has everything for you to love.
Beautiful homes, top class shopping, out of the world dining, and lots to see.
I’m Donna J. Jodhan bidding you a happy travel time.
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