On the streets with drunk drivers

Greetings!  I’m Scott Savoy, editor of writing services at www.sterlingcreations.ca.  Today, I am delighted to introduce an editorial by our president Donna J. Jodhan and today, Donna has an opinion to share with her readers on the subject of being on the streets with drunk drivers.
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On the streets with drunk drivers
By Donna J. Jodhan
At the best of times, drunk drivers are a problem for any and everyone but when you are blind or sight impaired!  It can turn into a double whammy. For a blind person, it is just one more thing that we have to worry about when walking the sidewalks or the streets.  Drunk drivers and/or not so sober drivers.  Maybe it is time for us to start voicing our concerns and partnering with other organizations to put the pressure on both provincial and federal governments to be more stern with drunk drivers and impose stiffer sentences on then whenever they commit an offence. 
We already have enough challenges to deal with when traveling outdoors.  Such as:  Having to deal with potential robbers and pick pockets, unfamiliar terrain, persons inadvertently or purposely pushing and shoving us in order to get where they’re going, construction obstacles, snow banks, slippery sidewalks, plus more.  It is even more scary to think that as we travel outdoors there is a high possibility that we could potentially be hit by a driver who has thrown responsibility and caution out of the window in favour of drinking themselves into oblivion.  Very scary to think that as we go to cross a street, we could be run over by a drunk driver who has not seen us crossing because his vision and reflexes have been immobilized by alcohol.  Very scary to think that as we step off a bus or are walking along on a sidewalk be it day or night, our lives could be either shortened or severely changed because an individual drank too much before getting into their vehicles.
Drunk drivers are a menace to society and it is time for us to start highlighting our concerns and fears.  Our plight is even more severe than the so-called seeing world.  Let us make a concerted effort to partner with other organizations and entities to fight drunk driving.

I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and weekend.
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