Your best American cities

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Week of February 27 2010

Your best American cities
1. Raleigh North Carolina
Are you seeking a city that has a bit of everything?
A great university, job opportunities in the high tech and medical industries, and a low crime rate?
One of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in America with lots of parklands to explore?
Ice hockey and basketball sports?
Raleigh has it all; and with its countless trees, and close to both the beach as well as to the majestic Appalachian mountain range, who could ask for more?
2. Corpus Christi Texas
Are you looking for a city with great potential?
A city that is steeped in Hispanic culture, architecture, and nature?
Oodles of hiking and biking trails, museums, a delightful aquarium, and lush botanical gardens?
A city that offers much to the surfer, the cowboy, and the oil professional?
A city with top class shopping facilities, and down town skyscrapers filled with great restaurants, cafes, and stores?
You need to check out Corpus Christi as soon as you can.
3. Newark New Jersey
Here is a city with natural beauty that is very hard to rival.
A city with very low unemployment rates, and crime is also very low.
Newark is one of America’s oldest cities and is steeped in history.
Economic opportunities abound, businesses are flocking to Newark to set up shop, and educational facilities are thriving.
Neighborhoods are modern and there is a great variety of home styles to be had.
Newark is a city that is ready to guarantee your future.
4. Oakland California
Are you looking for a city with fine dining, fine weather, and fine neighborhoods?
A city that offers something for everyone; from the nature lover to the person with a taste bud for great Chinese food?
A city that can provide the sports minded with lots of football, basketball, and baseball?
You can have it all in the city of Oakland.

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