Your best American cities

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Week of February 20 2010
Your best American cities
1. Montgomery Alabama
If you’re seeking a city with a very robust southern charm, then Montgomery is it.
A city with beautiful weather, lush gardens, and clean and beautiful streets and parks.
A city with cultural sophistication, rich entertainment, and fine dining.
A city that is steeped in history and has many other attractions to experience.
If you are looking to relocate to a city with southern charm, then Montgomery is it.
2. Huntsville Alabama
If you are a young couple looking for a quiet and perfect city to raise your kids, then look no further than Huntsville Alabama.
This very low key Southern city is filled with charm and character.
There are several job opportunities in the computing, engineering, manufacturing, and research sectors.
Huntsville has a great university and lots of historic and modern condos and townhouses to choose from.
If you are seeking a quiet city with a flare for Southern charm, then Huntsville Alabama is it.
3. Little Rock Arkansas
Are you seeking a city that has really great public transportation?
One where the jobs are in abundance, a really great community spirit exists, and the economy is thriving?
Jobs for you in health care, banking, insurance, manufacturing, and technology?
Friendly neighborhoods, fishing, camping, hiking and biking, and lots for your kids to do?
Well, look no further than the scenic city of Little Rock.
Nestled between the Arkansas River and some majestic mountains, this city invites you to visit soon.
4. Virginia Beach Virginia
If you are looking to relocate to a city with class then Virginia Beach is it.
A city that is a lot more than just a seaside resort.
A city with lots to do such as: enjoy the warm weather, sun, and sand.
A city with historic museums, light houses, and a boardwalk that fronts for top class shopping, fine dining, and rich entertainment.
A city that offers wondrous beach front homes, modern condos, and townhouses.
If you would like to live in a city that offers a home away from home, then Virginia Beach is it.
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