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Week of November 14 2009:
YOur best American cities
1. Scottsdale Arizona
If you are seeking a real paradise; a place to live in the lap of luxury or a place to invest in commercial real estate, then Scottsdale is it.
A city with year round warmth, an easygoing atmosphere, and lots of golf courses at your disposal.
Lots of festivals to enjoy; for the art lover, the horse admirer, and the auto enthusiast.
Luxurious homes and second homes.
If you are seeking a city with desert country and majestic mountain ranges, then come to the scenic city of Scottsdale Arizona.
2.  Miami Florida
Believe it or not; Miami is one of the cleanest and richest American cities. 
This city is simply not just a city of beaches; there is much more.
The hub of International banking in the United states, the world’s largest port of call forr cruise ships from around the world, and one of the largest urban centers in America.
Miami is greatly influenced by the Spanish culture; from Latino dancing to Spanish TV programming and there is excellent bilingual education to be had.
If you are seeking either a vacation spot or just a city to satisfy your desire to enjoy life, then Miami is for you.
3. Kansas City Missouri
Are you looking to relocate to a city that can remind you of Europe?
With thousands of fountains and wide boulevards?
A bit of Rome and a bit of Paris?
That city is Kansas City Missouri; with some of the cleanest running tap water in America today.
With a cost of living that is lower than the national average, this city offers you clean living in a scenic setting.
With some of the finest steaks and grills to be had in the United States.
If you are seeking a city with a healthy attitude, then why not try Kansas City. 
4. Providence Road Island
This is a city that is often overlooked by many.
It is a city with great opportunity and character.
It possesses great health care facilities, exciting entertainment, excellent education facilities, plus much more.
If you are seeking a city that offers a magnitude of home styles alongwith real possibilities, then why not come to Providence RI. 
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