The most seasoned job hunters

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The most seasoned job hunters
By Donna J. Jodhan

They are probably some of the most persistent door knockers that you as an employer will ever come across.  In good times and in bad times; they are there at your door with resume in hand.  They are pretty good at sniffing out opportunities and you can give them an A for effort.  However, when it comes to success at job hunting!  Well, here is where they get an F minus!  Shocker or shaker?  A shocker to those who are completely oblivious to what is going on around them when it comes to who is unemployed and why.  A shaker to many Canadians, but absolutely no shocker to disabled Canadians.
Does this statistic sound familiar to you?  For more than 20 years now, under employment or unemployment among disabled Canadians has stood at a whapping over 80% and over 70% of disabled Canadians continue to live below the poverty line.  Or how is this one for you; when it comes to employability blind and visually impaired Canadians are at the bottom of the barrel.  Yet for all of this, this very sad and depressing picture, disabled Canadians continue to toil away at their job hunting job.  
We can take a tiny bit of solace in knowing that this problem is not just a Canadian problem or a made in Canada picture.  No!  It is a global problem.  In developed countries, developing countries, and under developed countries, unfortunately the picture is the same.  Believe it or not, Canada is a developed country and even belongs to the prestigious G8 group of countries but I sometimes have to shake my head in bewilderment when I think of the lack of action on the part of successive governments when it comes to improving of job opportunities for disabled Canadians. 
I would be quite remiss if I did not say that some improvement has been made over the years when it comes to job opportunities for disabled Canadians but for two steps forward we seem to go one backwards.  Not nearly enough if we hope to turn things around and change the outlook for a better life for disabled Canadians.  Like the two step dance sort of; but back to our most seasoned job hunters.
  In order for disabled Canadians to lose this unfavourable stigma, something drastic has to happen.  I am not sure where we could start but it is food for thought and maybe the readers of my editorial could take a few minutes to put on their thinking caps and kick their imaginations into high gear.  We need to start thinking about the welfare of tomorrow’s generation of disabled Canadians along with today’s generation of job hunters.  We need to focus our attention on how we as a group can bring about change.  How do we go about changing attitudes and breaking down those artificial and technological barriers.  It is all up to us now and it is time for us to  either shape up or ship out!

I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and weekend.
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