Why Don't We Teach ELLs in Their Native Language? « NY Teachers

Top of the day to you out there!  I’m Donna J. Jodhan and today I am here to focus on a very hot topic of the day; how should we be teaching English to those whose first language is not English. Please read on.Why Don’t We Teach ELLs in Their Native Language? « NY Teachers

This is a question that is much food for thought these days.  English is indeed the first language of America and this needs to be recognized by anyone whose first language is not English and who expects to make America their home.  Translators and interpreters may not always be available to these people and they may not always have others from their own culture around them so they should be making greater efforts to learn English. Global translation agency does its best to provide affordably-priced global language translation services, delivered on time, and quality guaranteed.
New York teachers have already voiced their concerns over this issue and maybe the time has come for more of us to be doing the same.  If new and existing immigrants to America whose first language is not English hope and expect to obtain enriching lives and careers, then they would undoubtedly have to rethink their approach to learning and using English.  There are resources to help them adjust to an English environment so why not take advantage of them. 
It is only logical and realistic to expect that those who are able and willing to learn and use English proficiently in America will be the ones who will be able to advance their careers and enrich their lives much more quickly Than those who prefer to depend on translators, interpreters, and others of their own culture. Opportunities will abound more for the former and less for the latter.  In addition, the kids of those who choose to not learn English will be the ones who would probably be affected the most whereas the kids of those who choose to learn English can look forward to a future where they will be able to use both their native language as well as English to great advantage.       
I am going to leave you with a very interesting reference to check out.  One that talks about the opinions of New York teachers.  Please see below. Why Don’t We Teach ELLs in Their Native Language? « NY Teachers By Brad … non-english speakers, they should work at learning another language or the the language of the country they are living in. One reminder, they wont always be able to speak to someone of their culture all the time or have the use of a translator. … But the last time I checked, this was America and OUR native language is English. Not Spanish, not Chinese, or any other language for that matter. Therefore, if an individual – child or adult – wants to make a life here, … NY Teachers – http://nyteachers.wordpress.com/
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