Jobs and careers identified

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Today, I have some tips for you on the availability of jobs in America for those over 50 job seekers.
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Jobs and careers identified
Are jobs in corporate America on the decline?
Can one go back to school and obtain a skill that will help to land a job?
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The Decline of Jobs in Corporate America | E-Learning Buzz
By admin
Let’s face it,jobs are on the decline in corporate America. The times are changing. If you do not change with the times, simple you begin to fall behind. Go to school and get a job, no longer holds true. Many baby boomers are finding … Social Security doesn’t have the money to fund our retirees in the future. So what can you do in these changing times? Simple it is time to start taking control of your own future. Yes it may require courage and the ability to withstand …
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Can one really prepare for an unplanned retirement?
Where or how does one start?
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        5 Ways to Prepare for an Unplanned Retirement
        New York Daily News – New York,NY,USA
        Plus, about 47 percent of current retirees say they left their jobs sooner than … Baby boomers need a plan for health insurance coverage until Medicare …
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Are there employers around that are willing and ready to deal with an aging work force?
If they are, then where are they?
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The workforce is aging, but where are the age-friendly employers …
By Mark Miller
But the current brutal jobs climate raises questions about the future prospects of older workers. The jobless rate for adults age 55 to 64 has more than doubled since November 2007, just before the recession began; in July, … Technology- oriented companies that depend on experienced scientists and engineers are worried about brain drain as the baby boomer generation retires. Many are scrambling to implement retention programs aimed at keeping these high-value knowledge …
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