Wanted! Multi lingual mental health professionals

Wanted!  Multi lingual mental health professionals


So many of us are presently focused on surviving the present economic crisis and understandably we are all trying to strap on our life jackets and ride those huge financial waves of distress.  Very scary for so many of us but you know what?  I am seeing a very bright and steady light for those of you who are really interested in translation and interpretation.  Unfortunately, this bright and steady light all has to do with the spiraling rate of stress, anxiety, and depression in our economy.  Here is what I am getting at.

With a ballooning rate of stress, depression, and anxiety in our economy due to the deepening economic crisis, more and more persons are seeking the help of mental professionals and the seekers are not just English-speaking persons.  No, and right here in the United States, they are from all walks of language and what we are seeing is that these days, there is a very fast rise in the demand for mental health professionals who can speak, read, and write more than one language.  This demand is real and threatening to turn into a freight train.  The United States government is dying for foreign language professionals to help meet this demand and so too are organizations and establishments within our health sector.  This demand is not going to go away anytime soon and it would probably be a good prospect for you to check out if you are seeking translation and interpretation opportunities.


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