Blogging success takes a few months

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Blogging Success Takes A Few Months
David A. Utter | Staff Writer
The popularity contest of blogging and gaining links and traffic
doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and work.
Content is king? Not in the heavily saturated blogosphere. Whatever
idea you have, however you choose to present it, someone, somewhere
will do it as well or better.
Even legendary martial artist Bruce Lee understood this. While
the Little Dragon’s popularity would have earned him a massive
following had he lived long enough to blog, you probably don’t
have that cushion of love.
Copyblogger said you won’t get that love, or the valuable links
that feed a blog. Not without working it, baby.
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“Bloggers link more often to their friends than anyone else.
If you write a reasonably good piece of content that interests
their audience, they’ll link to you, mainly because they like
you,” Copyblogger said.
Copyblogger offered some advice on earning this adoration. Some of
it seems more reasonable than others, like volunteering to vote
up their posts on social media sites versus writing a guest post
on a popular blog. Anyone who can get into a popular blog with a
guest post probably has enough high-powered friends to get links
from them already.
Networking in person, commenting intelligently on their posts
online, and conducting an interesting interview of the desired
popular blogger offer chances at longer term relationships that
could lead to inbound linking and the followers who click them.
Being ignored isn’t any fun. Neither is hard work, but without the
latter, it’s difficult to resolve the former without some ultra-rare
bit of serendipity happening for your blog. We think it’s better
to depend on the hard work than a fleeting bit of good fortune.
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Miss An Olympic Moment? Yahoo To The Rescue
David A. Utter | Staff Writer
Photos, Shortcuts add Olympic depth to Yahoo Search
The time difference between China and America, plus the vagaries
of NBC’s scheduling, may leave people missing something at the
Summer Olympics.
One might be naïve enough to think in this modern era of broadband
Internet and online video that an event of Olympic magnitude
delivers enough opportunities for people to keep up with all the
events, athletes, and countries.
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It’s not perfect yet, even though enthusiastic fans do their best
to share video and pictures outside the official purview of the
International Olympic Committee. The clever tinkerers at the Yahoo
Search blog let everyone know they rolled out something new to
help sate the demand for Olympic content.
They placed an image carousel in Yahoo Search, set to appear when
querying for Olympic-related photos. Searches for swimmer Michael
Phelps or other Olympians brings forth the available, freshest
photos out of the Yahoo repository.
Yahoo’s Shortcuts also placed a few handy ones out there to deliver
extra information to searches. Do a query at Yahoo on medal counts,
results, schedules, and get back the most current Olympic details
placed prominently in the search results.
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AOL Connects With Socialthing
Doug Caverly | Staff Writer
This week, there have been fresh rumors about cutbacks and layoffs
at AOL.  They may or may not be true, but at least one thing hasn’t
been removed from the corporate menu: an acquisition of Socialthing.
Socialthing is a bring-the-pieces-together site that’s often
compared to FriendFeed.  It’s quite young, having been founded in
2007, and remains in private beta at the moment.
Odds are good the acquisition will affect that last detail.  Matt
Galligan, cofounder and CEO of Socialthing, confirmed the AOL deal
on a company blog, and assured existing users, “We’ll continue to
work on Socialthing! developing new features, integrating more
services and building a better back end.”
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He also added, “[W]e have a really cool opportunity ahead of us to
integrate into some other AOL products that might change the way you
see social aggregation.  AIM is a really big target for us, both on
the aggregation and on the publishing side . . .”
One thing neither Galligan nor anyone on AOL’s side got into is
Socialthing’s price; perhaps after so many layoffs and the $850
million matter involving Bebo, that subject’s a little touchy. 
The acquisition may allow AOL to move beyond its stodgy image,
though, so a little outlay seems reasonable.
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