Video Game Translators – Translation and interpreting jobs –

Top of the day to you out there!  I’m Donna J. Jodhan and today I would like to give you a first hand look into the opportunities and possibilities that you can reap in the world of video games.
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Video Game Translators – Translation and interpreting jobs –
By Donna J. Jodhan
So many translators and interpreters tend to pass up opportunities to explore the video games translation arena but I am here to say that this is an area that you should really be looking at.  With more and more video games manufacturers striving diligently to make their products more available to gamers on a global basis, the need for video games translators and interpreters is growing at a breakneck speed.  Video games manufacturers in Asia are presently pushing to make their video games more available to those in the West while in the West video game manufacturers are pushing the other way.
There are many who may be intimidated by this arena because they feel that in order to be successful here, one has to be a video game player.  Not necessarily so.  This arena should be treated like any other arena in that what is necessary is for the translator and/or interpreter to have above average knowledge of both the source and target languages.  One should keep in mind that the video games arena is growing and expanding at a freight train rate.  Consumers are real and are of all ages.  The need for video games is going to remain robust for a very long time.  The development and manufacturing of video games is only going to continue.  So, how about it?
I am going to leave you with an example of the growing demand in the video games arena.  This is an excellent reference for you to read about.  Please see below.
Video Game Translators – Translation and interpreting jobs –
Job type: Translation/editing/proofing job. Languages: English to Dari, English to Farsi (Persian), English to Czech, English to Chinese, English to German, English to Dutch, English to Spanish, English to Persian (Farsi), English to French , English to Hindi, … I am looking for translators for all languages who specialize and/or have experience in video game translations. The source language will be English and I am in need of translators for the target language. … Jobs – 
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