Tips For Ranking Higher On and With YouTube

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Tips For Ranking Higher On and With YouTube
Chris Crum | Staff Writer

Up Close with YouTube Product Manager Matt Liu at SMX
Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and the
4th largest web property?  It also attracts hundreds of millions of
 users a month, and 15 hours of video are uploaded every minute.
A web presence with that much power really shouldn’t be ignored.
At SMX West, YouTube Product Manager Matt Liu made these points,
and they are good points to consider when it comes to your
marketing. Liu encourages users to “Take advantage of what YouTube
has to offer.”
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Abby Johnson spoke with Liu in the following exclusive interview:
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Liu was joined by The Search Agency’s Drew Hubbard, RAMP Digital
CEO Jonathan Mendez, and JC Longbottom from Performics at SMX West
for the “Up Close With YouTube” session. The information in this
article is a product of that session.
How Can You Improve Your Video Ranking?
The fact that YouTube is an important search engine means marketers
have to strive to get their videos ranked. Some simple things that
can improve your rankings include:
– An accurate and descriptive title
– Make sure your description is just that – descriptive. It should
be accurate and unique, and use complete sentences.
– Descriptive keyword tags – avoid keyword stuffing
Community Opinion
Obviously YouTube is more than merely a video search engine. You
might consider it a social network. It is a community. That means
community opinion counts. As with any other community on the web,
your best results will come if you actively participate. This means
sharing videos with other members. Experiment with annotations,
video responses, and thumbnails.
Other YouTube Tools At Your Disposal
Liu touched on a few other aspects of YouTube that marketers should
pay attention to. One of course would be embeds or embedded videos.
He says you have to make them more discoverable. The beauty of this
is that it should be extremely easy to do as they can be embedded
just about anywhere.
He also mentioned YouTube Insight, which is a video analytics tool
they launched last year. With this, marketers can view
demographics, find out where videos are posted, who posted them
etc. A few months ago, they released a pretty cool feature for it
called ” Hot Spots,” which lets you pinpoint the specific parts of
the video that get viewed the most.
What to Do and What Not to Do
JC Longhorn spoke next, and he looked at a couple of examples of
what to do and what not to do. First, looked at a few super bowl
ads, but focused on Pepsi’s MacGruber ad, otherwise known as the
“Pepsuber” campaign. This started online as a YouTube sponsored
As a result of the Pepsuber ad, people searched for that word and
rankings were high on YouTube and Google for it. They had a branded
channel page for the campaign and made it engaging, which really
pushed the ad’s success.
He then talked about a Denny’s ad for a free breakfast, which had
potential, but didn’t do everything right. The Denny’s website was
not prepared for the incoming traffic and crashed as a result.
They should’ve created an engaging branded channel page.
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