Tobacco leaves could help cure diabetes and arthritis

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I found a very interesting article to share with you today.  One that is of interest to diabetics and if the research referred to in this article is what it says, then it could be great news for many folks, nut just diabetics.
So, please read on.
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Tobacco leaves could help cure diabetes and arthritis
Tobacco plants that act as medicine factories have been created by
scientists in order to help come up with treatments for conditions such as
diabetes and arthritis.
By Richard Alleyne
Mar 2009
Tobacco leaves produce biological chemicals that could one day be used to
treat autoimmune and inflammatory diseases Photo: REUTERS
The plants produce biological chemicals in their leaves that could one day
be used to treat autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.
Italian researchers grew tobacco plants containing genes for interleukin-10,
a molecule that could be used to treat a number of conditions.
Enough of the molecule was generated for the leaves potentially to be used
without having to extract and purify the chemical.
The next step will be to feed the leaves to mice with autoimmune diseases
and see if their HYPERLINK
/Tobacco-leaves-could-help-cure-diabetes-and-arthritis.html”health improves.
Ultimately the scientists hope to use the plants in combination with other
biologically active chemicals to combat insulin-dependent, or Type 1,
diabetes and arthritis.
Study leader Professor Mario Pezzoti, from the HYPERLINK
/Tobacco-leaves-could-help-cure-diabetes-and-arthritis.html”University of
Verona, said: “Transgenic plants are attractive systems for the production
of therapeutic proteins because they offer the possibility of large scale
production at low cost, and they have low maintenance requirements.
“The fact that they can be eaten, which delivers the drug where it is
needed, thus avoiding lengthy purification procedures, is another plus
compared with traditional drug synthesis.”
The research is reported in the online journal BMC Biotechnology
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