Second Language Acquisition ? Language

Second Language Acquisition – Language
By Donna J. Jodhan

Don’t under estimate the benefits of second language acquisition and what do I mean by this?  Very simple.  Just learning a second language but I have some tips to pass on.
1. Get your kids involved in learning a new language as early as you can.  The earlier the better as they have a much better chance to adapt into the language being learned.
2. Learning a second language makes you much more marketable.
3. If you want to learn a second language in order to become more marketable, then take the time to research which language would best help you to achieve your objectives.
4.  Take the time to learn your language proficiently, efficiently, and professionally if you intend to use in the business world.
5. Absolutely nothing wrong in learning a second language just for fun.
I have a very interesting reference for you to check out.  Please see below.
Second Language Acquisition – Language
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Their results showed that Chinese-English bilinguals who had been exposed to English after puberty, learned vocabulary to a higher competence level than syntactic aspects of language. They do, however, report that the judgment accuracies in …. Naiman, N., Frohlich, M., and Stern, H. “The Good Language Learner: A Report.” Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (1975). Bachelor of: English Language Translation and Linguistic Searcher at King Abdulaziz University. …
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