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If you’ve found yourself wishing that your flash drive had a recycle bin so that your portable apps and documents had the same safety net that you’re desktop files do, I-Bin brings recycle bin functionality to your flash drive.
I-Bin is a small, stand-alone portable application. Place it on your flash drive and run it and create the I-Bin folder that will be your portable recycle bin. If you have a large flash drive with a lot of files, I suggest running it for the first time when you’re not going anywhere. I-Bin indexes the entire drive to build a list of files it should protect and send to the recycle bin.
Once I-Bin has finished the initial drive index, it’s packed with some other cool features. It comes with a well written manual, but if you skip reading it at least note that in order to delete a file from the flash drive while I-Bin is running you’ll need to hit WIN+DEL, not just the delete key. I-Bin intercepts the standard delete if it is performed on a file it has indexed. All files you delete with I-Bin end up in X:\iBin\ where X is the letter of your flash drive. In the Custom Options menu of I-Bin you can specify what happens on deletion, how files are restored, how big the recycle bin should be, and if I-Bin should auto-clean the recycle bin.
Click this link to download I-Bin, FREE from the First Toy Lab website
I have the user guide and program if you have problems getting it.
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