Overcoming the Language Barrier with a Software that Can Translate …

Overcoming the Language Barrier with a Software that Can Translate …
By Donna J. Jodhan

Believe it or not, many persons often find themselves in front of barriers that prevent them from either learning a second language or working in a second language; and there is nothing strange about this.  It is already difficult to learn one’s mother tongue let alone learn a second language.  However, think of the wonderful possibilities and opportunities that can suddenly open up for you if you were to learn a second language.
In today’s world where communication is becoming more and more important, where global trade continues to grow and will grow for as long as the world exist, and a world that is becoming smaller and smalller by the day because of bigger and better communications; the importance of learning a second and even a third language is becoming more crucial.  Of course it is important to take courses that would enable you to communicate in a second language but consider this alternative:  Overcoming the language barrier through the use of a translation software.  Not impossible and extremely probable.  Translation software has come a very long way and there are more and more developers out there who are hell bent on making translation software more efficient, proficient, and accurate.
I am going to leave you with a great reference to check out.  A reference that gives you an introduction to a very useful piece of software.  Please see below.
Overcoming the Language Barrier with a Software that Can Translate …
TranslateIt! is a program for your computer that eliminates these problems and helps reduce that language barrier. Once installed, the program allows you to use an innovative technology known as mouse over translation. … The advanced technology of the program allows it to break down the words and find the meaning that way so you won’t end up getting no response the next time you need to translate words from English, German, Spanish, or Russian. …
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