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Week of May 01
Jobs and careers identified
How much do you know about social security?
Are you ready to reap some of its benefits if there are benefits to be reaped?
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10 things you need to know about Social Security – Burns on Business
By Newsdesk
That change would put a special burden on those with physically demanding jobs, however. If Americans worked longer, employers would pay higher health costs. And if Americans continued enrolling in Social Security at the earliest possible … The problems of Medicare and Medicaid will strike harder and sooner, with severe consequences for baby boomers as well as their children. The same aging of the population that clouds the outlook for Social Security has put the nation …
Burns on Business – 
Are baby boomers choosing to stay on after retirement?
If so, where?
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Is Nova Scotia facing a looming disaster? |
By jrose
For more and more people, especially baby boomers who had defined themselves through their work, staying on in some form is apparently the new thing. That’s the U.S. But if you look around, you’ll find many like that, as I do, in Nova Scotia … What’s going on is large, slow social change, not just an economic question, and it must be addressed as such – if we can get our heads around the astonishing idea that our frenzied efforts to create jobs at any cost over the past … – News for the rest of us – 
Are most baby boomers regretting that they could not fulfill their career dreams before they retired?
If so, why so?
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After The Frat: A Novel Solution to revamp the Economy
By after the frat
For baby boomers, the careers they once held so tightly were ripped from their grasp just as they neared retirement. This leaves the current unemployed scrambling for what to do until they can collect that ever so comforting social … Many of these jobs are not coming back, whether you like it or not. So as crazy and radical as this sounds, why not try something new with your lives? Take a step back and try to find something more fulfilling to work at rather than be a …
After The Frat – 
Is the medical profession the key to future careers?
If so, why so?
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‘Future Impact’ by Industry Trainer/Speaker Barb Bruno
By Debbie Fledderjohann
Many jobs will be connected to the medical profession. Contract opportunities will bring top hourly rates, while direct-hire positions will offer lucrative hiring bonuses. 4. Many companies will “outsource” entire departments of employees to contract … 6. Retired Baby Boomers will bring top talent to the labor pool in the form of contract staffing. Contracting gives retirees the opportunity to earn additional income without having a negative effect on pension plans. …
Contracting Corner – 
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