Japan Higher Education Outlook (JHEO): TEFL FORUM: TEN REASONS WHY …

Japan Higher Education Outlook (JHEO): TEFL FORUM: TEN REASONS WHY …
By Donna J. Jodhan
This is how Japan does it.  The Japanese does not depend on Global English to help them keep abreast of the latest and greatest news from around the world.  Instead, they depend heavily on translators and interpreters to translate and interpret information coming into Japan and this makes it very easy for Japanese to keep up and keep ahead.
This makes for a very interesting picture in Japan; the opening up of a variety of translation and interpretation jobs for anyone who desires to work in Japan in careers that are stable, well paying, and long lasting.
Leave it to the Japanese to come up with such an idea; and it is working hands down!  Maybe, and just maybe, we here in North America should be taking a page from the Japanese.  What this system does is to ensure that the Japanese population gets their information more quickly, efficiently, and in a timelier basis.  Of course, one can also say that anyone whose first language is English would have a much better chance of snagging one of these plum jobs but as I see it, there is room for much more than English speaking translators and interpreters.  There is much opportunity for language professionals whose first language is anything from French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and many of the Indian dialects.
I am going to leave you with a terrific article to check out and I invite you now to see below.

Japan Higher Education Outlook (JHEO): TEFL FORUM: TEN REASONS WHY …
Most Japanese do not need to access directly information, news and innovative ideas from outside their culture through the use of global English. Instead, most Japanese live in a country that uses translation and interpretation on an enormous, … The Japanese language brings in a large amount of vocabulary from foreign languages. The first main source is Chinese. The impact of Chinese on modern Japanese is something like that of Norman French and Latin on modern English. …
Japan Higher Education Outlook (JHEO) –

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