Jobs and careers identified and today I have news headlines for you on how the
recovering economy is affecting job opportunities for boomers and retirees.
I have more than this to share and I invite you now to read on.

Week of April 03
Jobs and careers identified

Do you think that a recovering economy could spell more opportunities for
boomers and seniors?
If so, how so?
Please read on.
Free Jobs Posts by Hot 4 Jobs » Blog Archive » Temporary …
By Admin
As the economy's recovery continues, the number of temporary jobs could
triple in 2010, clearing the way for thousands of seniors, boomers and
retirees to return to the workforce in executive, managerial and
professional positions. …
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Ever thought of starting a home based travel business?
Would you like to learn more?
Please read on.
Top 10 Reasons to Start a Home Based Travel Business | All Best News
By admin
The Timing: A key factor in the growth of the travel industry in the
upcoming decade is the Baby Boomer generation. This is a key demographic for
the travel industry, for two reasons. The first reason is that the Baby
Boomer generation is … Many individuals have left their full time jobs
after starting a home travel business, simply because their part time income
surpassed their full time job earnings. The ability to set your own hours
and to be your own boss is a very …
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Are you thinking of retiring to Hawaii?
Have you done a thorough investigation?
Please read on.
Living and Retiring in Hawaii: The 50th State in the 21st Century …
By admin
Smith raises some very interesting questions, such as, "What will Hawaii be
like if/when so many baby boomers relocate there? Will the local population
be able/willing to assist and support these aging immigrants? Who will
control the government? … Their book provides in depth information on
everything from affordable housing, jobs and entrepreneur opportunities to
dining, entertainment, local customs, language and romantic side trips. By
Ubaydullah on Jan 15, …
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