Demand for medical interpreters is booming

By Donna J. Jodhan

Now, here is one career that has taken off in a big way and according to the
forecasters, this particular one has the potential to blossom into one that
can bring tremendous personal and financial satisfaction to its owner.
There is no doubt that medical matters are becoming more and more of a
concern to all persons; all stages of life and this is the impetus that is
driving this particular career.

Demand for medical interpretation services is very real, consumers are real,
and markets are real and growing. The forecast for medical interpreters is
that demand will continue to spiral and will probably turn into a freight
train if we are unable to deal with it appropriately. The truth is that we
have no choice in the matter. Medical interpreters are needed to interact
between patients and professionals. Great possibilities and opportunities
lie ahead for anyone willing to take up the challenge. I have a terrific
reference for you to check out; please see below.

Demand for medical interpreters is booming
Middle East North Africa Financial Network – Amman,Jordan
About 60% of MD Anderson's non-English business is Spanish; another 28% is
Arabic. … and Mandarin Chinese is the second most in-demand language. …
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