Jobs and careers identified

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Jobs and careers identified
What type of advice can baby boomers give to their job seeking children?
How can they help?
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Use Demographics To Front-Run Your Children
By Vincent Fernando
Then there’s the 20 somethings/30 somethings who DON’T have jobs, desperately seeking, unsucessfully, according to the lastest statistics, they make up the largest % of unemployed, by demographics. To conclude, Tobias Levkovich is a talking … The next real bull market in stocks, assuming strong dollar, not phony depreciation of dollar and living standards, will be when the baby boomers kick off this ‘ole dust bowl, and leave an inherentence. If there are any left. …
Clusterstock – 
Can baby boomers benefit from a greener world?
One that will create jobs for them?
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Planting seeds for a greener future
NJBIZ – New Brunswick,NJ,USA
“A large number of baby boomers are going to retire, and their jobs are highly … for example, “by having the electrical trades focus on energy careers”; …
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Are there really reasons for not retiring as yet?
What can they be?
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Get a Life!: Some good reasons not to retire just yet – Falls Church,VA,USA
All of this is good news to baby boomers who have already become known for … People whose post-retirement jobs were related to their previous careers …
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