Jobs and careers identified

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Jobs and careers identified
Are you looking for some new ways to retire early?
Ways that are safe, sound, and extremely helpful?
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The new tricks of early retirement
The Australian – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
With time on their hands, baby boomers can be a powerful force. Yet not everyone gets to be old. There have been too many burned-out cases, meteoric careers …
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Do you really know how blacks and Hispanics are doing in this recession?
How well are they really doing?
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New America Noticias: Recession Hits Aging Blacks, Hispanics …
By Gabo
But the effects have been even harsher for African-American and Hispanic retirees and baby boomers heading for retirement, according to a new study by AARP. AARP’s “Closer Look” survey of almost 1000 Americans ages 45 or older shows that in the past year ethnic boomers and elders have struggled to pay their medical costs; had trouble paying for food, heating and other essential needs; lost jobs or saw their hours cut; and were compelled to hunt for affordable housing in …
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Do you believe that on the whole, people who work after retirement enjoy better health?
Are more retirees working these days?
Please read on. 
People who work after retiring enjoy better health | Machines Like Us
The findings showed that people whose post-retirement jobs were related to their previous careers reported better mental health than those who fully retired. However, these mental health improvements were not found among people who … help retirees transition better into full retirement and in good physical and mental health,” said co-author Kenneth Shultz, PhD, adding that employers who are concerned about a labor shortage due to numerous baby boomers retiring might …
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