Jobs and careers identified

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Today, I have news and headlines for you on how aging baby boomers and retirees are doing and what they are thinking when it comes to their future as income earners.  Please read on.

Jobs and careers identified
Do you think that aging baby boomers are too young to retire? 
Or, do you think that they are too old to be hired?
Let’s see what others are thinking.  Please read on.
Too Young to Retire, Too Old to Hire |
Some Baby Boomers who feel that they are in the prime of their careers and too young retire, have postponed leaving the labor force for several more years. While other retiree-wanna be’s are forced to continue working because current economic circumstances have depleted their retirement savings, … Jennifer Rallis is co-author of Ugly Resumes Get Jobs and Other Fishing Lessons ( CEO of CORPX, a technical recruiting firm and VP of BM Imports. …
EmploymentDigest – 
Do you think that seniors should continue to work given the present economic conditions?
Or do you think that they should just look for volunteer opportunities?
Well, here’s the pulse opinion of the week.  Please read on.
Top 14 Reasons to be A Working Senior
By My Jobs Assistant
Economists are not entirely sure of the actual effects baby boomer retirement will have on the U.S. economy. However, the idea of 76 million baby boomers entering retirement is cause for alarm. Employers may need baby boomers to continue working. … These working retirees may not earn as much money as they did in their lifelong careers, but they enjoy the work or the flexibility of their new jobs. Click here for more information about jobs for retirees. …
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Is the economic recovery finally on the way?
If so, which states are leading the way?
Read on to learn more.
        Economic Recovery Hopes Raised
        KFSM – Fort Smith,AR,USA
        Combined, the three states have lost more than 830000 jobs in the last year … “Baby boomers are in between now. Even ones who could potentially retire are …
       Read more at:,0,4416083.story
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