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Jobs and careers identifiednde
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Retirement Coaching by Career Partners : Bizzia – Business News …
By Stephen Kersey
Said Dave Hemmer, Career Partners International’s President and COO: “Baby Boomers are exiting their jobs in significant numbers – some voluntarily as they reach retirement age and some involuntarily as a result of corporate downsizings. Regardless of their circumstances, … The CPI New Horizons program delivers an innovative coaching experience that enables emerging retirees to design a future that takes full advantage of personal dreams and financial realities.” …
Bizzia – 
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The Portal to Boomeranger World: What If We measured Our Country’s …
By Virginia Cornue
As discouraging as that message might sound, it’s exactly what many baby boomers need to hear, according to financial planners and researchers. Most people underestimate how much money they will need for retirements that could … Her husband is looking for odd jobs, perhaps in a hardware store, she says. “There’s a lot of people who are going to go back to work in my age bracket,” Ms. Hilinski says. “More and more of my friends are talking about going back to work.” …
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Growth Career Fields for the Next Twenty Years – Consumerism …
By Flexo
While there is a trend of outsourcing jobs overseas, there are many types of careers that must remain local. Technology infrastructure is an exciting field. I expect broadband networks will be expanded to new areas and the … Politicians have their eyes on health care right now, and this is a valid response to the same social condition that requires more careers in finance. As the baby boomers, one of the largest demographics, continue to age, they will need more care. …
Consumerism Commentary: A Personal… – 
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