Building Successful Careers: Why Improve English Skills?

Top of the day to you out there!  I’m Donna J. Jodhan and today I am here to push for you being able to build more successful careers in the foreign language arena.  It’s very doable and it is also becoming a very lucrative living.  Please read on.

        Building Successful Careers: Why Improve English Skills?
This is a question that keeps cropping up from time to time.  Many people ask me how important is it for them to learn English in order to improve their career chances and my answer is always the same; very simple and logical.  If you are living in a country where the first language is English but yours is not, then you would be wise to learn English efficiently and fluently enough in order to communicate with those that you need to communicate with.  In a similar way, this concept would definitely apply if you were living in a country where English was not the first language but yours was. 
My opinion for what it is worth is this:  If you make the decision to live in an English-speaking country then you would need to be fluent enough in English in order to improve and broaden your career horizons.  For if you do not, then your world would be severely limited.  It only follows that if you live in an English-speaking country, then your main market will consist of English-speaking persons.  You will need to conduct your main business in English and operate under laws and legislation written and executed in English.   
You should not depend on family members especially your kids to be your translators.  Nor should you take the road that you can get by with just servicing those clients who speak your language.  You still need to communicate with the law in English and if you choose not to learn how to then you will have to depend on others to translate for you.  In short, you will have to trust someone else to bridge the communication gap for you. 
I am going to close by giving you a reference to check out.
        Building Successful Careers: Why Improve English Skills?
        By (Pat Zimmerman)
        There are Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Spanish doctors, dentists, bankers and grocers. People have many reasons for not improving their English: I do not have time to work on my English; I am busy working and raising a family; … Your children should not be your translators. You are the parent. Most likely one of the reasons you came to this country was for a better life for you and your children. That is admirable. You gave up a lot to travel thousands of miles to …
        Building Successful Careers – 
I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day.
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