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Our economic woes are not going to go away any time soon so we might as well get used to it.  The following article has some very interesting insights as to how you can use this present economic crisis to your advantage.
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How to Use the RECESSION
to turn $1 into $80
Did you know that it is a lie that recessions are bad news for stocks?
Did you know, that when the shares get smaller, the best companies grab more of it? And investors are rewarded for their aggression with higher stock prices.
Guess what? It is happening RIGHT NOW!
I’m Marcus Thorne and I am telling you today the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about recession and how you can cash in RIGHT NOW.
Use the bad times to turn $10 into $80.
Listen, no one else is telling you this kind of thing, listen carefully.
LIE #1: Recessions Create Bear Markets
There has been 11 past recessions; the S&P has posted an approximate average of 12% annual return. That is more than the market has returned in times of profitable expansion.
Why, you ask?
Because markets are moved by investor psychology and mentality, and economies are moved by hard core fact and fundamentals. So a bear market can happen in the best of economic times- case in point 1997’s bear market.
Bear markets often rally by 30% or even more simply because investors expectations are altered uphill after all hope has been given up.
Isn’t that the situation today?
LIE #2: Small Stocks Get Bashed By Recessions
Remember when the tech bubble burst? Qualcomm crashed and burned. The $100 stock quickly became a $12 nightmare.
Qualcomm was still small enough to regroup. It rethought its business plan, left hardware and built an academic asset portfolio. Now it allows others to drape synthetics around their suggestions.

Qualcomm is worth $30 today.
There are many “Qualcomms” in today’s market. I’ll tell you about a few in a minute. But what you need to know is if you had invested that $10 in this “broken” tech stock is worth $80 right now. WHY? Because bad times forced Qualcomm to change their game plan.
LIE #3: The Big Guys Ride the Recession Storm Best
Listen the big Stocks can scale back, close divisions, merge, and fasten their sails for a long bumpy ride.
Change a business plan? Almost unheard of – no?
Beside those few giants that are too huge to fall are all the others, too large to thrive. Let’s not forget about the dreaded credit they need to fund pensions, pay bonuses, pay the rent, cover obligations and appease unions. Currently, you would have to pay out 6%, 13%, even 21% to fund big, complicated long-term obligations.
No one and I mean no one can survive, never mind flourish paying 21% interest rates on new loans!
Now do you see why BIG STOCKS may be a recession trap?
LIE #4: Everyone Does Much Worse During a Recession
Consumer spending changes, absolutely. Walmart thrives, Tiffany dies.
But did you consider consumers spend more on isolation. They may spend more upgrading their work skills, they spend more on so-called discounted clothing, and they spend more on low-priced entertainment.
For example, straight from Emerging Growth:
Strayer Education
Urban Outfitters
LIE #5: Hibernation Is The Rule Of Thumb For Recession
So you are ducking and covering, going into hibernation for the long haul? Probably the worst thing you could possibly do. If you sit around and wait until the next train comes into the station, it just might leave without you.
Things will absolutely get better – but they won’t get better for you.
In the past 11 recessions the S&P has increased over 32% in the 1 year that followed the low, however most investors miss out on the profits because they wait to jump in when the risk gets higher.
Consider this… The 32% S&P gain was dwarfed by the growth of littler stocks. Check out the profits made early after the last recovery:
WIRELESS TELECOMM                    1704% PROFIT
LA GEAR                                             819%   PROFIT
ROSS COSMETICS                             503%   PROFIT
THREE FIVE SYSTEMS                       656%   PROFIT
SCI-MED LIFE                                     781%   PROFIT
Did you hear the big myth that the United States has lost its way and have now allowed greed and envy take over their conscience? So we are deep troubled and for this we must be punished, we must pay! Oh Please…
During the tech bust of 2002 headlines read “The Path To Disillusionment” and there were stocks like Jo-Ann Stores that tripled, and Sierra Health soared over 140% and Pinnacle Entertainment nearly doubled…we would know because Gryphon Financial and The Wharton Insider investors had those positions.
Listen up guys….the U.S. is still a major player in innovation. And for e very mistake we make like an AIG, there are 20 more game changing, capitalist, innovating successes, here’s a few like…
Jos. A. Banks
Fuel Systems
And you’ll find so many more on GYRPHON FINANCIAL and The WHARTON INSIDER’S buy lists, access here.
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Want proof to what I am saying is true? Fuel Systems – the sales are up over 60%, earnings went from low to highs of over $18 Million. The forecast – sunny and bright and the stock flew up 45% in hours! Watch the panic this week and I am not just talking about Fuel Sytems.
Modify or Perish
Obama is mandating – the effects are already being seen – the main concerns have changed
25% Renewable electricity resources by 2025
Energy efficiency improvements by 50%
Major profit taxes on Gas Companies
NO funding on gas and oil exploration
Suntech jumped 69%, Sunpower 51% and Canadian Solar 59% just in anticipation of Obama.
But let us not forget, as big as Solar energy is the priority changed to energy storage technology…
Or formally known as batteries.
It’s a-once-in-a- Lifetime Thing
So you see my friends, a $20 Billion business is going to dive into being a $100 Billion business. Think about it. This IPO for a battery company called A123 Systems has a arrangement going with Mercedes Benz to get them “electric.”
Check this out… Solar is valued at about 6 times sales right now, rechargeables right now are valued at $.25 times sales!
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Recession’s Earliest Champion
This is it guys. We’re on the brink of new times. There was an Old Market, an Old Economic Structure, and Old Government and Old Priorities that are all going away.
In a matter of weeks, years of one prototype are being canned and will be replaced by the new. Gryphon is committed to ensuring their investors settle in and profit in these new times.
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Profit today from this recession.
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Jeanne Grecco
Jeanne Grecco, Editor
Gryphon Financial and The Wharton Insider
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