How to Make It Online as a Non-Native English Speaker

How to Make It Online as a Non-Native English Speaker |
By Donna J. Jodhan
Yes indeed!  Despite the fact that English is still very much the global language of business both on and off the Internet, those aspiring non-native English Speakers who aspire to become translators, interpreters, and foreign language professionals should in no way give up hope.  There is room for everyone and what many persons often fail to take into account is this; non-native English speakers can definitely help companies to attract more customers and increase more revenues.  In addition, they can also help companies to expand their overall business operations.
How is this possible you may be wondering?  Well, the majority of today’s world is made up of persons whose first language is not English and whereas in past tenses they were quite willing to use English as their main language of commerce, this is rapidly changing and now what we are seeing is a shift towards non-English speaking persons demanding to have services be provided in their own language.  So, enter the non-native English speaking professionals.  This shift is going to continue and become even more pronounced with time and in addition, non-native English speaking consumers are going to keep on demanding that services be provided in their languages in an efficient, professional, and appropriate manner.  No sloppy translations, no half way efforts, and no excuses.
I am going to provide you with an excellent reference to check out and I invite you now to read on. 

How to Make It Online as a Non-Native English Speaker |
By Antti Kokkonen
Lost in Translation. For global businesses, the first language of choice is always English, all other languages are localization. The larger companies offer their services in multiple languages, as for some languages, like Spanish, Chinese or even French, there are plenty of people who understand and speak the language and it makes sense to offer services in these languages. But for tiny countries and languages like Finland and Finnish, the maximum audience we can reach … – 
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