Google's Blogger Users Can Now Customize Their Designs

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Google’s Blogger Users Can Now Customize Their Designs
Chris Crum | Staff Writer
Google Launches Blogger Template Designer
Google has launched the Blogger Template Designer, a way to customize the look and feel of your Blogger blog.
“Over the past few years we’ve worked to scale Blogger and ensure that it is capable of handling hundreds of millions of pageviews per day,” Google says. “But we also believe that blogging is about self expression and that an important part of expression is creating a custom design that expresses your unique voice. So last year we started working on a tool that would allow everyone to easily customize their blog’s look and feel, and today we’re proud to introduce the Blogger Template Designer.”

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Features of the template designer include:
– 15 new templates (with more on the way)
– Custom blog layouts with one, two and three columns
– Hundreds of background images courtesy of iStockphoto
– Customizable colors, fonts, and more.

What other features would you like to see added to the template designer?
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“While alternative offerings force users to choose among a limited set of rigid template designs, Blogger provides an intuitive yet powerful interface so anyone to customize their blog’s design & layout – putting the user in complete control,” the company says. It’s interesting that this kind of customization has not been available from Blogger until 2010, as Blogger itself is over a decade old, and has been Google-owned since 2003.
 Gowalla 2.0 Launches for iPhone
Chris Crum | Staff Writer
Google Launches Blogger Template Designer
Gowalla is a service that has been getting a lot of buzz lately. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a location-based social networksing service that comes in the form of mobile apps. Gowalla announced today, the availability of Gowalla 2.0 for the iPhone 3G and 3GS platforms.
 Gowalla highlights the following new features with this version:
– Design – Gowalla developers have created a fresh new experience that is more flexible, readable and usable.
– Photos – Gowalla 2.0 gives users the ability to not only check in and create new spots; they can also upload a photo after checking in, browse photos from friends and see photos taken at that spot.

– Checkin Commenting – Now when a friend checks in someplace, other users in the community are able to tell that friend what they think.
– Multiple checkin messages – Users now have more opportunities to add messages even after they’ve left a checkin spot. Skipped typing a message? Come back and add one.
– Hot spots – The most popular spots nearby will be highlighted for users in a particular area to discover.
– Browse friends – and friends of friends. Browsing friends’ bookmarked spots and creating trips are two new features put in place by Gowalla’s developers by popular demand.
– Facebook, Twitter and web links – Building your Gowalla network is easier than ever with more ways to stay connected with friends through Facebook, Twitter and web links.
– Spot details – Address, phone numbers, Twitter names, Facebook pages and website will now be available in several checkin spots.
Gowalla will be heavily involved in SXSW (of which WebProNews will be covering the Interactive portion). Gowalla has updated its SXSW mini-site that details all of the SXSW initiatives the company will be rolling out, including: real world rewards, competitions, challenges and events.

Will Gowalla be an iPhone app that you use frequently or at all?
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