Gaining understanding of world and culture, students not studying the right language

Gaining understanding of world and culture, students not studying the right language


This seems to be one of the main stumbling blocks these days when it comes to students not being able to discover and take advantage of lucrative translation opportunities.  Despite the many opportunities out there that are just waiting to be snapped up, students do not seem to be able to find them mainly because of:

They are not pursuing studies of the appropriate language.

They are focusing more on the studying of a language because they have a fancy towards it rather than thinking about the popularity of the language.  That is, they are choosing to pursue a language for enjoyment rather than taking the time to analyze how many opportunities and possibilities could be had if the language in question could be translated to and from English.

Too many students are not taking enough time to analyze culture and global trade. 


The one important thing to remember is this:  Our economy may be in crisis at the present time, the markets may be in great flux, and many of us may be panicking like crazy; but you know what?  In order for us to pull out of this, we need to keep up global trade and here is where opportunities for translators and interpreters will come in.  Tremendous financial and personal opportunities will be for the taking.  I would like to close by giving you a reference to check out.


Gaining understanding of world and culture

        Michigan Technological University Online Lode – Houghton,MI,USA       

        There is a need for translators of many languages. Only about 10 percent of the students who study foreign languages choose a language that is spoken by a …

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