Christmas is for giving

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As today is our last weekend editorial for the year, I am delighted to present you with a Christmas editorial written by our president Donna J. Jodhan.
Donna has a special Christmas message for our readers.
I wish you a merry Christmas, a happy 2010, and see you early next year.
Christmas is for giving
Christmas should be the time of year when we stop and take stock.  Christmas is a time when we should do our best to be nice to each other but most important of all, we should not only be nice to each other just at Christmas time; it should be all year through. 
Too often, we seem to miss the true meaning of Christmas.  We get caught up in the commercial side of things.  We spend so much money on gifts for each other.  We go out to the supermarket and buy oodles and oodles of goodies.  We shop till we drop and during all of this we fail to remember the less fortunate, those who are lonely with no one to call or talk to, and those who are unable to put food on their table.  We forget the down trodden, those who have lost their jobs, and most of all, the elderly.    
Let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas this year.  The spirit of giving instead of receiving.  The good deeds, the efforts to forgive and forget, and the helping hand to those in need.  When we sit down to our Christmas Day meals with our families, let us take a few seconds to remember those who are unable to put food on their table and those who are far away from home, like our soldiers fighting the good fight in Afghanistan.
Christmas is for giving and for forgiving.  Merry Christmas to you.  Happy Holidays, Joyeux Noèl, and Feliz Navidad.
See you next year.
I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and weekend.
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