Your calendar and your clock

I can only say that it appears to me that more of us seem to be making less use of our calendar and our clock.  Up until about 10 years ago, we seemed to be very conscious of time and dates but alas!  This tradition seems to be slipping away from us.

Whenever someone tells me that they forgot to put an appointment into their calendar my immediate thought is why is this and whenever someone is more than 15 minutes late; then I ask myself if they were not checking their clocks or watches?

True it is that last minute emergencies will always play a role in this but then my response to this is that one should have the courtesy to give notification.

Sure, phone calls sometimes run over the time limit and then there are the traffic snarls to deal with but my response to this is that we need to be more conscientious with our time management.

I have little or no sympathy for someone who tells me that a certain date and time are good for them and then when I phone at the appointed time they are not there and then I only hear from them a day later.

Please, save your breath.  I only take this to mean that it was not important enough to you in the first place.

Just my two cents for today.

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