Would the real Ontario please stand up? seniors and persons with disabilities being left out

At the best of times, it is almost impossible to please everyone and their dreams but there are times when it does not hurt to express and share one’s frustrations and disappointments.

This is how I feel as I write this.  When I moved to Ontario from my beloved Montreal several years ago, I moved here in order to be able to take advantage of bright and prosperous job opportunities.  For the most part this has been realized but it sure does not stop me for yearning for La Belle Province!

I will humbly submit that with the passing years my image and expectations of Ontario have  sadly continued to slide downwards.  From the debacle with how this province continues to treat our seniors in long term care facilities to greedy and unscrupulous developers and landlords choosing to crush the lives of seniors and citizens with disabilities!

A perfect example is playing out right before my eyes so to speak!  One where these horrible folks have decided to bully long time plaza tenants out of their business establishments so that they can erect condos and town houses.  All in the name of making money and depriving seniors and persons with disabilities of being able to live independently.

This is exactly what is happening at 3079 Pharmacy Avenue in Scarborough.    You see, these money grabbing developers have already been able to convince the City of Toronto that it is okay to build a condo complex at 3050 Pharmacy.  In addition, they have also somehow managed to convince the Toronto Council that it is perfectly okay to do the same at 3079 Pharmacy avenue; meaning that there are going to potentially be two concrete constructions across from each other thus stifling the neighbourhood out of the ability to provide vital daily services to seniors and persons with disabilities.

These are not the only two complexes that have been okayed by the Toronto Council!  There are other concrete constructions that have replaced plazas in the past few years thus making it more difficult for seniors and persons with disabilities to be able to walk to those all important business establishments where they can do such things as:

Pick up last minute groceries, get their cleaning done at laundry mats, purchase fresh produce and international foods at small supermarkets, buy baking goods and food from bakeries and delis, go to a nearby doctor’s or dentist’s clinic, shop at a corner pharmacy, and more.

This is exactly what the little plaza at 3079 Pharmacy Avenue has offered to the community over the past 40 years.  A welcoming place for the community to go to  in order to do their shopping and as described above.  A place that they can walk to whenever they want to without having to depend on others to drive them there.

If the destruction of the plaza at 3079 Pharmacy Avenue is allowed to take place, it would not only be a travesty for this community, it would be an embarrassment for the Toronto City Council.  It could only be described as shameful, disappointing, and very sad.  Most of all; it would only show us that the Toronto City Council is either tone deaf, cold and heartless, or simply does not care about the quality of life of seniors and persons with disabilities!

This is my personal plea to our esteemed Mayor and Toronto City Council!

Please put a stop to this travesty at 3079 Pharmacy Avenue.

Please stop these greedy developers and landlord from destroying the quality of lives of our seniors and persons with disabilities!

Please save our plaza at 3079 Pharmacy Avenue!

We need our plaza and they need us!

Just my two cents for today

To learn more about me as a sight loss coach visit www.donnajodhan.com

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