Saluting and supporting our seniors – past time to walk the walk

It is one thing for us to salute our seniors for all that they have done for us and continue to do for us; but we need to walk the walk and to really put our money where our words are.

It is so very blatant and horrible that we continue to fail them and Covid-19 has made this abundantly clear to us!  Our seniors continue to bear the brunt of the suffering from this pandemic yet we continue to struggle to protect them!  When will we really start to protect them?

Each time I hear that banks are pushing their customers to do their banking online I shake my head and ask then what about our seniors?  How are they going to be included?  They did not grow up in the era of technology.  They are not trained to do their banking online.  Many of them do not even own a computer or know how to navigate the Internet.

Of course!  There are exceptions to the rule but on the whole I would respectfully submit that the majority of seniors would readily agree with the above.

I also know that our world has no choice but to move towards the online way but could there be some type of process or processes for our seniors to be included?  Additionally, with more online trends being the order of the day we have a growing situation where scammers have started to take advantage of seniors who venture onto the online platform.

Let us not forget that our seniors are totally responsible for where we are and who we are.  They are the ones who have managed to weather the bad times to ensure that future generations could live better lives than they.  In short, they have purchased our futures even giving the shirts off of their backs and so much more to do so.

We owe them big time plus a heck of a lot more.  They deserve the finest and best that we can offer!  So each time we wear a mask please!  Do not think of wearing a mask just for yourself!  Think of it as ensuring that your parents and grandparents are kept safe!

Just my two cents for today.

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