The importance of reaching out

We are living in a world where uncertainty and unexpectedness rule the day.  For everyone, it is the same and no one really knows when this wicked virus will decide to simply withdraw and go its own way.

We were all caught by surprise and now we need to fight for our lives.  We need to self isolate, social distance, wear masks, and let hand sanitizers, wet wipes, and antiseptic sprays be our weapons of defence.

However, there is another more powerful weapon at our disposal and here is where I truly believe that there is something that we can all do in order to keep each other sane.  To help each other stay afloat and to stand together in unison.

Let’s reach out to each other.  Let’s take time to check on each other.  Let’s restore friendships and relationships.  Let’s put our differences aside and simply reach out to each other.

It does not matter if we have not spoken to someone for a very long time.  We all need to reach out and reconnect.  We are each just a tiny dot fighting to survive and how do we conquer this big bad world?  Very simple!

We reach out!  We reconnect!  We make new connections!  Then soon the tiny dots will all come together and form themselves into a huge and unbreakable chain!

Just my two cents for today.

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