Who is king?

This is probably a very insightful question but for what it is worth; here are my musings for today!

A king is not the one who rules a kingdom or country!  Nor is he the one with the most money!  Nor is he the one who wields the most power!  Nor is he the one who has inherited a title!  No!  It is not any of these criteria and here are my thoughts for what they are worth!

A king is the man who can wake up every morning and be grateful to be alive!  He can go to bed each night knowing that he has done his best to be grateful!  That on this day he carried out a kind act, had and shared pleasant thoughts, and if called upon; helped someone in distress!

A king is one who does his best to make a difference in this troubled world!  To help stop hatred, racism, poverty, war, and to promote human rights!  A king is the one who stands up for the less fortunate person and not the one who avoids or ignores any of these.

A king is one who can appreciate the wonders of nature!  Who is able to do his part to help save our environment and who is able to balance their life between family, friends, and technology!

Finally, a king is one who is able to see a wrong and right it!  Who sees suffering and tries to heal it and who sees war and tries to end it!

Just my two cents for today!

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