The growing world of online shopping

Say what you may; this was bound to have happened sooner than later.  The Covid virus has only hastened its reality and now it is definitely here to stay.

From the purchasing of groceries to shopping for cars and houses and from buying clothes and beauty products to looking for bargains and so much more, online shopping has now become a part of our every day activities.  Let’s not forget the electronic products and gadgets as well.

For someone who is vision impaired, this picture includes being prepared to face any one of these circumstances.  You can do your online shopping independently or you may need to ask for some sighted help.  You may not be able to do it because of a website that is not very user friendly or difficult to navigate.  You may not possess the technology that will enable you to do your shopping or you may not be able to afford the technology.

When it comes to apps, some of the same criteria would apply but most of it would depend on or governed by accessibility and navigability.

Of course, there are other groups of consumers that face several of the above but as someone with a vision impairment, I need to ensure that whenever I go online shopping, I can achieve what I set out to do.

We just need to get used to a new world of online shopping.  For better or for worse it is here to stay.

Just my two cents for today.

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