Where have all the words gone?

You are probably wondering what in the world do I mean or am I referring to and it is this.  In a world where we seem to be abbreviating and shortening our phrases more and more; where have all the words gone?

It seems to me that when we send text messages, they are often made up of abbreviations and shortened phrases.  When we send emails we are often faced with having to read sentences made up of disjointed words and at times we even sign off with the first letter of our first name rather than writing our entire name.

What I find even more irritating is that so many of us have fallen into the bad habit of just typing a subject line with a question and sending the email with no words in the body of the email itself.  Frankly, I find this to be rude and disrespectful.

Is it that we have become too busy to take the time to insert words into the body of our emails and texts?  Or is it that we have become too lazy?  Or maybe it is just another trend that has developed amongst us?

Frankly, I find this trend to be a very dangerous one because what it is doing is depriving us of developing our literacy skills and instead we are turning into a society of fewer and fewer words.

Just my two cents for today.

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