What happens if the kids are not saved?

I don’t think that this is a very difficult question to answer; at least not for me.  So what is my response then?

If we do not save our kids it means then that we will be in effect throwing away our future!  That is right!  If we do not save our little ones then there is no future to look forward to!

There will be no bright stars of the future to carry the torch.  No one to innovate, create, and imagine for us.  No one to play with the toys and technology that we ourselves create.  In short, no future to look forward to!

Our kids are our future.  They will support our various systems and processes and they will enhance and expand whatever we do.  They are the drivers of mankind and if given a decent chance to survive, they will help us to find better ways to live and survive.

I can only respectfully plead for us to remember all of this the next time we make a case for saving our kids!

Just my two cents for today.

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