The two man horse race

In the normal scheme of things, the majority of readers may think that this title would be referring to a horse race; but sadly enough, it is not.  It gives me no pleasure to write this editorial and I am going to apologize to the millions of horses around the world!

For whereas we mostly think of horses as being handsome, smart, strong, and true; this editorial refers to two specific runaway Canadian industries who up until now have used their deep pockets along with nasty, unpleasant, and  downright dirty tactics to bully their victims.  I am still trying to decide which of these two is the worst offender and the winner of nothing good!

True it is that companies as a whole need to consider the whims and fancies of their shareholders,  there is probably one of the largest pieces of the puzzles that both the legal fraternity and shareholders are still choosing to ignore.  What am I referring to?  It is very simple!

Shareholders want to make exotic returns on their investments and lawyers want to please their firms by billing for endless hours of work but here is where the logic ends.  You see, when this formidable army decides to quash the every day complainant and to employ bullying tactics in order to get their way, what they are failing to see is that the majority of complainants are either persons with disabilities and/or seniors and retirees and then there are the mainstream folks who simply are unable to afford to stand up for their rights and themselves.

For let’s face it!  We will not have a choice when it comes to dealing with the needs and requirements of a rapidly aging population and in addition, they are fast becoming our bread and butter consumers.

This is no new news and yet we have unscrupulous lawyers who continue to stop at nothing in order to please clients who can only be described as spoiled brats, are greedy, and who throw temper tantrums whenever they find themselves in tight spots.

There is absolutely nothing in wanting to realize positive returns on investments but at the same time it is time for us to take a long hard look at how we do it.  In essence these two specific industries continue and are being allowed to do as they please and it does not appear that the respected Federal Government agencies can do anything to stop them and why not?  Because they do not have the mandate to do so and o yes!  They are afraid to do anything!  In short, they are paper tigers with plastic teeth who do not want to step on toes of these industries!

So now just before I close, I must remember to tell you who these two big, nasty, and bullying industries are!  They are the transportation industry and the tele communications industry!  They are big and they are bad!  They are nasty and they are unpleasant!  They will absolutely not do anything unless they are mandated to do so!  They are bullies with deep pockets who use their unscrupulous lawyers to do their dirty work!

For the most part their online complaint systems are riddled with forms that are almost impossible to complete, Not much success when you attempt to speak to a live person, and they will wear you down with everything in their arsenal!

I could only plead for the transportation and the tele communications industries to take a long hard look at how they communicate and interact with the public at large.  I could only hope that with the promised Canadians with disabilities Act at hand that agencies such as the CTA, CRTC, and CHRC are given the powers to deal with these two runaway industries and I could only hope and pray that these agencies have the guts to stand up for justice and fairness.

Just my two cents for today.

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