What is fake news?

I guess that one can easily say that the term “fake news” has certainly gained a place in our daily sentences ever since the Trump administration moved into the White House.  However, many of us including me are still trying to understand what this really means.

Should we take it to mean that fake news means disinformation?  or should we be attaching a more blatant meaning to it to say that fake news is used to describe a circumstance when we are being purposely mislead by others?

I am not really sure what this all means and I wonder out loud if the originators of this phrase are really sure themselves.  So many questions and not many answers to date.  Could it be possible that the originators coined this phrase to simply throw us off or to be more blunt to mislead us themselves?

Could it be that they developed this phrase in order to create a shield against not having to answer important questions?  Or maybe and just maybe they simply crafted it as a defence mechanism to ward off not having to be transparent?

Just my two cents for today

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