The second class syndrome

You’re probably wondering what I am referring to today and I am going to do my best to explain.  I think that I can put forth a good case for the title of my editorial.

We continue to see instances where companies deliberately choose to cut services for special needs consumers whenever they are in a so-called cost crunch; should we then assume that we are being treated as second class?

We continue to hear the same old excuses from entities such as airlines and airport authorities when it comes to not wanting to provide equal access to their services;  should we assume then that they consider us to be second best or second class citizens?

The same conditions exist whenever companies are challenged over their inaccessible and unusable websites; why is this?  Could we say then that this is a classic case of second class syndrome?

Then how about this circumstance!  Banks are moving towards the abolishment of bank books and are pushing hard for persons to engage more in online banking.  All well and good but there is a large segment of the public that has real concerns with this.  Seniors and the print disabled!  Have banks somehow forgotten to factor in the needs of this large and growing segment?

Just ask the Greater Toronto Airport Authority for their views; why is it that they deliberately continue to ignore the requests, pleadings, and complaints of persons with disabilities.  Or better still; ask them for their opinions re why is it that they continue to do so!

Just my two cents for today.

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